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We can offer you MICROMASTER, MICROMASTER Vector and the MIDIMASTER Vector – and thus technology at its best.

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MICROMASTER 440 –The powerful jack of all trades


Micromaster 440There are also forces in the world of drives that can only be overcome with difficulty. Unless the most powerful of our frequency converters is brought into play. The MICROMASTER 440 is specially designed for those applications, which demand more functionality and above-average dynamics. The refined vector control provides a consistently high drive quality, even for sudden load changes. Fast-response inputs and positioning deceleration ramps allow the drive to home in on target positions even without an encoder. Thanks to the integral brake chopper, it also works with high precision when braking with minimum deceleration times – and all in a power range from 0.12 kW to 250 kW.

Typical applications:

A wide variety of applications in areas such as conveyor technology, textiles, lifts, cranes, mechanical engineering, foodstuffs and luxury goods.

Its strengths in brief

  • Compact housing
  • Easy installation
  • Refined vector control (speed/torque)
  • Versatile inputs/outputs
  • Menu-guided commissioning
  • High overload capability
  • Evaluation of motor pulse generator (option) for maximum controlled torque at lowest speeds (including zero speed)
  • Modular system of expansion options
  • CT (constant torque) and VT (quadratic torque) scalable
  • Load torque monitoring
  • 3 selectable sets of drive data for adapting to different operating situations
  • Kinetic buffering against mains dips
  • Compound braking for controlled rapid braking
  • Integral brake chopper for powers up to 90 kW
  • Free function modules
  • 4 skip frequencies protect the machine against resonances
  • Automatic restart
  • Switch on to running drive without damaging the motor
  • Motor temperature monitoring for integral motor protection
  • Prepared for use on IT networks
  • Available with and without integral EMC filter
Overview of equipment

Voltage and power ranges:

200 – 240 V, ± 10 %, 1 AC, 0.12 – 3 kW

200 – 240 V, ± 10 %, 3 AC, 0.12 – 45 kW

380 – 480 V, ± 10 %, 3 AC, 0.37 – 250 kW

500 – 600 V, ± 10 %, 3 AC, 0.75 – 90 kW

Operating temperature:

0.12 – 75 kW (CT): -10 – +50 °C; 90 – 200 kW (CT): 0 – +40 °C

Process control:

Internal PID controller (auto tuning)

Control types:

Vector control, FCC (flux-current control), multipoint characteristic (parameterisable U/f characteristic), U/f characteristic


6 digital inputs, 2 analogue inputs, 1 PTC/KTY input


2 analogue outputs, 3 relay outputs

Connection to automation systems:

The ideal partner for your automation tasks, both for connection to the SIMATIC S7-200 and also integrated in TIA systems with SIMATIC and SIMOTION