We demonstrate particular skills and fulfill your requirements!

Special requirements require special solutions. There are situations, e.g. where normal standard motors are inadequate, whether due to the space available or for some other application specific reasons. It may be that an older motor or an application has failed and suitable spare parts are no longer available.

This is where our special productions come into their own.

New from SIDO:

We have the right replacement for different Far East motors such as
HICO, Hyundai, Nishishiba etc. available for quick delivery:

Hilfsgebläsemotor als Ersatz für Hyundai Marine Blower HAR - 414 / 125 N


Auxiliary fan motor as replacement for Hyundai Marine Blower HAR-414/125 N

Motor Type 14 BG 288-2 – progressive design, increased power:

123 kW • 440 Volt Delta, 60 Hz • 3575 rpm • IP 55 • IM B 35

with special shaft as HICO motor
Terminal box position – optionally “left” or “right” – can be changed retrospectively by transposing the bolted feet.

Accessories: (small photo):

Shaft protection sleeve (60 x 90 x 40 mm) with ceramic-coated shaft sealing ring (90 x 110 x 10 mm), this should also be replaced when changing the motor.

Further services:

  • Converter sets as 2-machine sets on joint foundation frames
  • Mechanical adaptations to special additional dimensions
  • Conversions, e.g. increased degree of protection IP 56
  • Special drives for high speeds
  • Special direct current motors according to customer specification

Neuwicklung Stator für LOHER Motor ANGA 355 LB 02 A

New coil stator for LOHER engine ANGA 355 LB 02 A

350 kW • 440 V triangle, 60 Hz • 3600 rpm • IP 55 • IM B 35

Drive for a compressor on a ship